About me

I am fascinated by the possibilities that photography offers to create images that abstract direct perception. From recognizable, but without context, to photos in which the observation has been transformed into images where structures, shapes and colors are leading and which raise questions or amazement.


After an early and short introduction to analogue black and white photography, I have been working digitally for quite some time now. The almost endless possibilities to do "something" with a photo invites me to experiment and to find my way further in abstract photography.


The images on this site were created by applying different techniques such as multiple exposures, intentional camera movement and color shifts. The original photos were taken in nature, an inexhaustible resource, and a wide variety of other - men made - objects (see also: Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alfonslansink/)


To improve my photographic skills, I followed a professional training and participated in several workshops. The persons below have had a great significance for me because they have brought me an essential step further in looking and creating images.

Ernst Kremers: www.ernstkremers-landscapephotography.nl. Ernst learned me to take my time and look around before taking a picture and introduced me to a variety of creative techniques.


Andrea Gulickx: www.andreagulickx-photography.nl. The lesson of Andrea's macro photography workshops: small is beautiful and for me macro photography is a rich source for abstract photos


Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey: www.dougchinnery.com / www.valdabailey.com. For me, most inspiring abstract photographers and excellent teachers.


In addition, there are other sources of inspiration at any time, with books, websites, exhibitions and stories:

Bruce Barnbaum - Michael Kenna – Chris Friel – Marcel van Balken – Erik Malm – Lorenz Andreas Fischer - Tony Hewitt - Gerhard Richter – Mark Rothko – and many other painters of the late 19th, early 20th century.